40lbs 9oz - Anthony Cox

41lb 12oz - Andre van As


During the last year we have been developing, testing and fine tuning our new HNV Stilton freezer bait & Pop-up range. The bait has been properly tested on a baiting campaign at Donaldson dam and the fish accept it as a food source which is the no1 priority here at GT.

During this week-end's boilie revolution myself and Karen landed 18 fish on the new bait including 7 fish over 12kg's. Karen was fishing Stilton snowman's and I was fishing popups only. Both presentations produced quality fish.

After over 4 years of development and testing we are proud to have our pop-up range available to all. These baits are extremely buoyant and loaded with flavour and attractors. Four variants are available: Hydromilk, DNA, Stilton & GirlTjie's Strawberry. Priced at R85 and comes in 12mm, 16mm and mixed pots.

Marcel and Chris at it again with some stunning carp from Lake Cassien, France.

48lb 15oz

35lb 8oz Linear


Our autumn/winter campaign is gaining serious momentum with the carp on the boilies and gaining weight moving into the colder months. 46 Carp were landed this week-end with some incredible specimens on the bank. With the cold moving in quickly and big fish mor elikely to be caught, we are super excited to see what happens in the next few months!

Johann with a stunning 31lb common caught twice in 24 hours!

 GirlTjie with a stunning Ghost Mirror

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